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LooseThreads: This Yahoogroup is devoted to the support and encouragement of Tapestry of Grace curriculum users. As such, we are not a forum for curricula comparison. Our first and foremost priority is to honor and glorify our Lord and Savior through all we say and do here. Our name was chosen to represent the threads on the back of a tapestry – though they may not be pretty, they anchor and support a beautiful masterpiece. Our discussions are often TOG-specific but also venture into all areas that flow out of our calling to provide a godly home education for our children. These wonderful discussions make up the “loose” threads in our name. These keep our list very busy! We seek to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in all our conversations. You will find an abundance of loving support and encouragement here, as well as practical helps and insights.

TOG-Catholic: This group is for Catholics using the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. It is dedicated to providing support and encouragement to TOG curriculum users. It is our hope that we can help each other learn how to weave the Catholic faith into TOG.

TOGVirtualCo-opSynergy: This is a Yahoo group for Tapestry of Grace users that either are participating in, or desiring to participate in, a virtual co-op. This is a place to share educational, creative, technical, organizational, and management ideas between existing co-ops. For those desiring to begin a virtual co-op, potential leaders can find veteran advice in how to organize and set one up. Tapestry users may also make connections here to either create or find a virtual co-op.

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