This page provides Lampstand Press company policies.

Shipping InformationClick here to view

In-House Processing Time:

  • When you place your order, if you have ordered digital delivery of any product, you should be able to download it immediately from your account page.
  • From late September to June, all physical orders shipping to you are processed within 2-4 business days.
  • From July to mid-September, all physical orders shipping to you could be processed within 5-7 business days.
  • To determine when your package will arrive, add the processing time to the shipping time (see chart below).

NOTE: If you would like to place an in-house rush on your order, please call our Customer Service department for this additional $5 service.

Physical orders under 13 ounces can be shipped via USPS First Class Mail. All others are shipped via UPS, unless by special request, as we can insure and track orders quickly and inexpensively through this service.

  • If you prefer USPS Media Mail or Priority Mail to our recommended shipping method, please write in the comment section of your order: "I prefer USPS Media Mail (or Priority Mail) and am aware that Lampstand Press is not liable or responsible for lost or damaged materials." We will then refund you for the difference in your payment of UPS Ground and the cost of shipping via the post office.

Shipping Options for the United States (Orders from Kingsport, TN)

Type Weight Price range Time period Tracking?
First Class Mail
(US Post Office)
less than 14 ounces $.99 - $3.50 Typically 2-5 business days Yes
UPS Ground: anything Mid-range pricing; very predictable See map below Yes
UPS Expedited
(Next Day, 2nd Day Air or 3 Day Select)
anything Most expensive, but quickest and guaranteed. 1 to 3 business days Yes

UPS Ground shipping map for United States (Orders from Kingsport, TN)

Transit Days

Please note: All orders to APO addresses and post office boxes are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping Choices for International Addresses

Type Weight Price range Time period Tracking?
First Class Mail
(US Post Office)
less than
4 lbs
Typically about $8 for Canada, varies for other countries Typically 3-7 business days, but not guaranteed (we have no control over customs delays) No
Priority Mail:
(US Post Office)
more than 4 lbs Typically begins at about $35 for Canada, varies for other countries Typically 3-7 business days, but not guaranteed (we have no control over customs delays) No

Return PolicyClick here to view

At Lampstand Press, our goal has always been to give all of our customers the most "risk free" shopping experience we can. To this end, we have long provided adequate samples so that you can "try before you buy" and thus make the best decision possible for your family.

Returning a product from Lampstand Press will depend on the product you ordered, so please read the information below carefully.

NOTE: If you have received products from us that were damaged in transit, please let us know within five business days of receiving your product.

Returns of Items Purchased While on Sale

  • Discounted items of non-current copyright dates are not eligible for return.

Returns of Digital Downloads and Installation CDs

  • If you have not activated your LockLizard license, you are eligible for a refund up to 30 days from the date of your purchase.
  • We are not able to accept returns of digital products after they have been installed.

Returns of Stand Alone CDs

  • If the sticker sealing your CD has been broken, we cannot grant a refund for any CD.
  • There is an automatic 10% restocking fee.
  • If the CDs are received in damaged condition, we cannot resell them and you will not be granted any refund.
  • We do not accept returns beyond 30 days of your ship date.
  • If we receive your return in non-resalable condition, we will contact you regarding the option for Lampstand Press to send your products back to you at your expense.

Returns of printed Love the Journey, Literature Studies for Young Adults, Poetics, Writing Aids, Convenience Copies, and Lapbooks

  • Printed Convenience Copies include SAPpacks, MAPpacks, and EVALpacks.
  • We do not accept returns beyond 30 days of your ship date.
  • There is an automatic 10% restocking fee because we will have to repackage the material.
  • The refund you get will be dependent on the amount of material we have to reprint.
  • If we receive your return in non-resalable condition, we will contact you regarding the option for Lampstand Press to send your products back to you at your expense.

Returns of Printed Tapestry Primer, Tapestry of Grace Year-Plans or Single Units

There are two types of printed year-plans: "Print Only" and "DE + Print." Print Only year-plans and the printed portion of DE + Print are returnable using the guidelines below. Both have a limited shelf life due to the fact that year-plans are regularly updated. This fact shapes our policies listed below.

  • Refunds of full Tapestry Primer or Tapestry of Grace year-plans are granted if you call and obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) within 30 days of your ship date.
  • We do not accept returns beyond 30 days of your ship date.
  • There is an automatic 10% restocking fee when an RMA is created for your year-plan return. Refunds beyond this are based upon the condition of the product when it arrives at our warehouse.
  • If you purchased only Unit 1, your restocking fee will be between 10% and 50%. Your refund will be based upon the condition of the unit upon receipt.
  • NOTE: The percentage you get back depends on how much of your curriculum has to be reprinted in order for us to resell it as a NEW product.
  • If you desire to return an entire year-plan, please be aware that only the first unit can have broken shrink-wrap. All other units should still be in their shrink-wrap to qualify for a refund.
  • If you choose to return the Printed portion of DE + Print, you will be refunded the difference between the total price and your DE, provided you meet the other criteria.
  • The single reason that most people don't get the best refund possible is that they do not follow our packing instructions and we receive damaged products. Please read this page that contains detailed instructions for packing well.
  • If we receive your return in non-resalable condition, we will contact you regarding the option for Lampstand Press to send your products back to you at your expense.
  • All decisions regarding returns are at the sole discretion of Lampstand Press.

Customer History

  • We will accept only one return of a Redesigned year-plan per customer.

How to Return Eligible Items

  • Call us at 1-423-765-2833 (M-F, 10am to 4pm EST) and explain to us the nature of your return.
  • We will issue you a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) which will be sent to you in an email.
  • Print the email and enclose with your properly packaged items and return to Lampstand Press. Failure to include the RMA in your package will necessitate at least a 15% restocking fee.
  • Upon 48 business hours after receipt, your credit card (or PayPal) will be refunded accordingly.
  • Customers are responsible for packaging well! For orders not in mint condition, we will not provide the best possible refund. (Remember that Units 2-4 must be in mint condition!) If a product was originally delivered in damaged condition, that must be noted in the customer's phone call when requesting an RMA.
  • Take the time to place your items securely inside the box/envelope that you are sending back to us.
  • Sandwich loose pages in saran wrap and then in between two pieces of cardboard. Secure with plastic wrap or heavy tape to prevent bent pages.
  • Secure your items using cardboard, plastic bags, newspaper, packing peanuts, etc.
  • Make sure that the contents of the box are not going to be shifting in transit as this is what causes most damages.
  • If we receive your return in non-resalable condition, we will contact you regarding the option for Lampstand Press to send your products back to you at your expense.

General PoliciesClick here to view

In all policies below, please note that we make a distinction between customers who purchase products directly from Lampstand Press and those who purchase our products used from a third party. We term these "direct customers" and "indirect customers" respectively. At Lampstand Press, we are firmly committed to giving our direct customers unparalleled ongoing support. Therefore, it is always to your advantage to buy Lampstand Press products directly from us.

Replacement items for lost or damaged Supplement Product CDs

  • Note that all CDs typically have a limited life-span and, even if carefully cared for, may need to be replaced because of wear and tear. Since there is no way to standardize or determine the level of reasonable care given our products that are delivered via CDs, we cannot be responsible for lost, damaged, or worn out discs. You will need to purchase any such CD products again, unless they were defective when purchased and this defect is reported (and the disc returned to us) within 30 days of shipment.
    • Direct customers: Please call Customer Service FIRST if you think that you have been sent a defective CD. If we determine that your disc is defective, we will then ask you to ship it to us and will replace it at no charge to you beyond your cost of shipping it to us.
    • Indirect customers: We will not replace damaged or defective discs. You will need to purchase these products (as CDs or as DE versions) directly from Lampstand Press at retail prices.
  • Our suggested solution for direct customers to predictable disc damages is for you to upgrade to DE by mailing your Supplement CDs to Lampstand Press. To do so, complete the upgrade form. NOTE: Before sending this form and your CDs to us, please call Customer Service to verify our current replacement prices, as these are subject to change without notice.
  • If you lose your Supplement's CD, you must make a new purchase of this product at our Store.

Damaged or lost Loom CDs

The Loom CD is the key to both upgrading and re-selling of Tapestry of Grace. We therefore have special policies about this CD as opposed to Supplements delivered via CDs, as outlined above. Below are special Loom disc policies:

  • Only direct customers can get any replacement help with damaged or missing Loom CDs. Call Customer Service to learn the current policy and costs of replacing your Loom CD if you are the original purchaser.
  • Indirect customers will need to purchase the curriculum afresh from Lampstand Press to gain access to the Loom, whether your disc was lost or damaged by you, or not included as part of your third-party purchase.

Replacement pages for missing or damaged pages of printed versions of Tapestry of Grace

  • If you purchased your curriculum directly from Lampstand Press, we can replace your lost or damaged pages for a minimal fee. Please call our Customer Service department for current prices and availability.
  • Again, a good solution to the damages the physical copies incur is to upgrade to DE + Print status. You have access to fresh, printable copies of DE each year when you are a direct customer who upgrades your Print copy to DE.
  • We will not replace missing or damaged pages if you purchased a used copy of the curriculum.

Upgrading your Redesigned Print Only year-plan version to DE version

  • If you purchased a Redesigned Print year-plan directly from Lampstand Press, you can upgrade to DE + Print for a modest price. For complete instructions and prices, use the upgrade form at our Help Center.
  • You will find, in the instructions there, that you must turn in your Loom CD in order to upgrade. If you do not have your Loom CD, we will not upgrade your year-plan. Unfortunately we are unable to give exceptions to this rule unless you are an overseas missionary and the price for safely shipping this disc to us is prohibitive. If you wish us to exercise this exception, please call or email Customer Service.
  • If you purchased your year-plan from a third party, you may only upgrade one year-plan one time, and only if you have possession of the Loom CD. Please call Customer Service for details.

Upgrading your Classic year-plan

  • Call Customer Service to verify that you purchased your year-plan from Lampstand Press. As part of the process, you will need to send in your Reproducibles disc.
  • No third-party customers may upgrade Classic year-plans to Redesigned versions. You will need to purchase Tapestry afresh.
  • See the Classic Upgrade Form at our website for more information.

DE PoliciesClick here to view

Lampstand Press cannot guarantee that LockLizard and our digital curriculum will work on all mobile devices, nor with all Operating Systems on these devices. If you have requested an additional license for the use of the curriculum on a mobile device, and the download(s) fail, you may be refunded the $5, if that is the only device for which the license was requested. There is no additional refund for the curriculum, nor will printed curriculum be given to you. However, there is the option of adding Print to your DE. Call our Customer Service Department at 1-423-765-2833 M-F (10am-4pm, M-F EST) in order to do so.

Direct/Indirect Customer PoliciesClick here to view


A direct customer is one who has purchased a specific item (usually a year-plan) directly from Lampstand Press.

An indirect customer is one who purchased a specific item (usually a year-plan) from a third-party.

If you are a direct customer, you are eligible for discounted prices on several of our products or support items:

  • SAPpacks: In order to receive the discounted price, your year-plan purchase must be in our database.
  • MAPpacks: In order to receive the discounted price, your Map Aids purchase must be in our database.
  • EVALpacks: In order to receive the discounted price, your Evaluations purchase must be in our database.
  • Book Updates Charts (BUC): In order to receive free access to the BUC for your year-plan, the purchase of that year-plan must be in our database.

If you are an indirect customer, you can still purchase the SAPpacks or access the BUC. See our Store for current prices.

Purchase Order PolicyClick here to view

  • Purchase orders are not accepted from individuals but are only accepted from schools or other educational entities.
  • All purchase orders are charged an additional $5 because they have to be entered manually into our software. This is in addition to any other handling fees, shipping costs, and/or taxes incurred.
  • All purchase orders are shipped via UPS because of the tracking capability.
  • If you have questions about your purchase order, please email us with your inquiries.
  • After an order has been processed, the issuing school will be mailed an invoice. Payment is due within 30 days. A packing slip is also included in the shipment that reflects the total.
  • If we have not received payment within 30 days, a 2% fee will be added monthly and no more orders from the issuing school will be sent until payment is received in full.
  • To place a PO order, complete the form linked below. We will contact you but will not release your order until we have received approval from your school.

Purchase Order Form

Bulk Purchase Order Form (for Poetics and Love the Journey)

Privacy PolicyClick here to view

Lampstand Press exists to serve homeschooling families. We value both your privacy and your time, and hope to make sure all our communications to you are worth your effort to open them.

Because Tapestry of Grace is a dynamic product, we need to be able to communicate with our customers via newsletter, so we urge you to subscribe as soon as possible. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any newsletter.

We promise not to sell your email address to mailing list companies. We reserve the right to communicate to you via email regarding any product you have purchased from us, whether you otherwise choose to receive additional emails from us or not.