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Genres Sample student work & additional links
Analytical Essays Levels 8: Opening Up Japan
Levels 8-9: All For God's Glory
Levels 8-12: Not Quite Disney
Levels 8-12: The Test of Character
Levels 10-12: The Change
Level 11: The Liberator
Biography Writing Level 5
Level 5
Level 10
Book Review/Report Level 5
Level 7 Level 8
Business Writing Please use your best judgment on introducing changeable and complex business forms to your children.
They change so quickly these days that we have deemed it best to simply provide a web link for your use.
Cause/Effect Essays Level 11
Citation Many papers require citation schemes (ways to cite quotes and works cited, etc.). Currently MLA and Chicago are most widely used, but our number one suggestion is that you purchase the handbook on the scheme of your choice.
Inform your student about the perils of plagiarism before he starts his first research project.
Classical Comparison Paper Year 3: William Faulkner and Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Year 4: George MacDonald and CS Lewis
Cluster & Describe Level 1
College Application Essays Helpful Website: there are three related pages that do a great job of giving you a variety of pointers!
After reading the tips and sample essays, look carefully at the essays offered by the college(s) to which you plan to apply.
Compare & Contrast Essays Levels 8-9
Compare & Contrast Writing Level 3
Level 6
Debate This topic is outside the scope of Writing Aids. We suggest you start here.
Descriptive Essays Level 9
Descriptive Writing Level 3: Life at Monticello
Level 6: Lewis and Clark
Level 7: Thomas Jefferson
Dictation Levels 1-12
Display Board Level 2
Level 6
Draw & Caption Level 1
Editorials Level 8
Essay of Argumentation Level 10
Essay of Definition Level 11
Essay of Opposing Ideas Level 11
Essay Test-taking Sample Answers to an actual Year 1 Quiz
Expository Essays Level 8-9
Levels 10-12
Fables Level 2
Level 4
Formal Outlines Levels 4-11
Friendly Notes & Letters Level 1
Level 3
Level 6
Genres You’ll find that listings of genres can vary, but here are two websites that will give you a good synopsis: Genres from Writing A-Z, and Genres of Essay Writing
Giving Directions Level 2
Historical Fiction Level 4
Level 4
Level 10
Level 12
Informative Writing
Interview Report Level 9
Journal Writing Levels 4 and 5
Literary Analysis Level 8
Level 11-12
Level 12
Literary Comparison Levels 9-12
Multi-media Presentation Level 11
Narrative Essays Levels 9-10
Narrative Writing Level 6
Newspaper Writing Level 2
Level 4
Level 7
Civil War Gazette
Williamsburg Gazette
Parables Level 12: The Cancer Cure
Paragraph Construction Level 1-3
Levels 4-6
Levels 7-9
Levels 10-12
Parts of a Sentence See Writing Sentences
Personal Commentary Level 8
Personal Narrative Level 5
Personal Profile Level 9
Personal Response to Literature Levels 11-12
Persuasive Essays Level 8
Level 8
Levels 8-10
Pet Peeve Essay Level 8
Photo Essay Level 3
Playwriting Level 3
Level 6
Level 9
Poetry Level 3
Level 6
Level 8
Level 10
Process Essay Level 11
Reading Notes See Lecture or Book Notes
Reports Levels 2-3
Levels 4-5: Allan Pinkerton
Level 5: The History of the Alamo
Level 7: Brazil's Unstable History
Level 9: Three Pivotal Inventors
Research Paper Level 9
Self-Proofing Levels 2-12
Senior Thesis Level 12: The Change of Time
Speech Writing Levels 4-5
Level 7
Level 9
State Notebooks Levels 4-5
Story Writing Level 3
Level 6
Level 8
Level 11
Story About Me! Level 1
Summarizing Level 4
Websites Levels 10-12
Word Bank Levels 1-2