Advisor Application

In order to complete an Advisor application, you will need to create an account on our Moodle* portal. Please follow the following instructions:

  • Go to and click "create new account" on the bottom right.
  • You will be prompted to create a username, which should be your first name, followed by your last name, with no spaces, in all lower case.
  • Then make up a password that includes 8 characters, one of which should be a number. It should include at least one lower case letter, at least one capital letter, and at least one symbol.
  • Complete other personal information as necessary.
  • After your account is set up and you enter the portal, you can click on "Advisor Application/Training Course."
  • Read the instructions here and work from top to bottom.

* Moodle is an online software that you will use to access your Advisor Portal, yearly Advisor testing, and ongoing training for Fellowship Groups, Deans, Master Teachers and Provosts.