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  1. Summer Reading Chart Rhetoric Modern Revivalism note?
  2. Dana or Marcia: Request Question
  3. Universe Next Door
  4. Objectivism
  5. Church History for Beginning Rhetoric Students
  6. Dialectic Billy Sunday book reading week 5
  7. Video of Billy Sunday preaching
  8. Seeking shortened Corrie T.Boom/Hiding Place drama or Anne Frank for UG/D Unit 2 Cele
  9. Article about a family who shielded Jews in WWII
  10. Anyone have their Y4 U2 curriculum binder handy? Need a look-up...
  11. Idea for church history
  12. Week 34: Discussion script for Universe Next Door?
  13. Billy Sunday D level biography question
  14. Foundations
  15. Universe Next Door...
  16. Pageant of Philosophy