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  1. Senior Comparison Paper ideas and preparing
  2. Need help with structure on Lit. Analysis Paper
  3. Unit 2 Mary Poppins - information worth discussing with your child/children
  4. Lord of the Flies warning
  5. Another book to recommend
  6. Mostly for Moms: Solzhenitsyn's In the First Circle
  7. Week 19 warning and comment on Siddhartha
  8. Warning About Read Aloud for Week 19 and20
  9. Questions from Week 18 Rhetoric regarding "The Chosen"
  10. Question from Rhetoric Literature Week 17 definition of protagonist
  11. R-level literature for Unit 4 - all written pre-1970?
  12. Can't Find The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury
  13. Rhetoric Favorite Books?
  14. realism, short stories, and worldview
  15. Y4 U1 D writing - Story Map
  16. Additional Read-Aloud Suggestion, WWII, Weeks 16-18
  17. Wk 20 To Live DVD
  18. Can't find Pride and Prejudice in the Reading Matrix-anybody know where it is?