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  1. Organizing help needed!
  2. Page protector families...here's a great source for 4" binders, cheap!
  3. and a question about the Bible content
  4. Scaled Back TOG Plan for Dialectic
  5. How much Geography Does TOG Cover?
  6. ? for Vets.. What's in your child's Student Binder?
  7. excited to start
  8. What do I print off the DE version
  9. 4 week fog
  10. Am I the only one freaking out?
  11. Combining D and R history discussions?
  12. A question about teaching to the kids--experienced users please help!!!
  13. Did I make a mistake?
  14. Spine Book?
  15. Is there a way to find our what changed in an update?
  16. What years are covered by each Year plan??
  17. high school credits and weighted courses
  18. How can I pare down without compromising acedemic rigor?
  19. Writing Aids or grammar program?
  20. Thinking of using TOG next year
  21. Setting up the Student Notebooks
  22. How to easily start a co-op
  23. Chronically Ill Students...
  24. What I will need to add to Tapestry?
  25. When to start TOG with young children??
  26. Question about Rhetoric Discussion Time/Socratic Discussion
  27. How Much Work is Tapestry?
  28. Still a bit confused after 7 weeks and feeling discouraged...
  29. DE vs. Print version
  30. Which year to start after Primer with the oldest?
  31. Question about purchasing used
  32. Clarification of Subjects "Covered" By Tapestry of Grace Curriculum.
  33. Am I crazy for doing Y1 instead of Primer for K?
  34. Which Year do I start with?
  35. differences in copyright dates
  36. I have a (maybe?) strange question for those who buy the books
  37. probably silly question about supplements: Can I order them later?
  38. Another silly question: binder?
  39. Elementary and High School?
  40. Mapping Question for newbie