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  1. Yahoo Group for TOG Y1??
  2. Timeline years, week 20, Obadiah & Joel
  3. Western Civilization by Spielvogel - earlier editions?
  4. Why do we study Egyptian myths?
  5. Resource for timeline dates?
  6. general book selection for year 1,LG as observed thus far.
  7. Streams of Civilization/Western Civ
  8. Printable Pageant of Philosophy?
  9. Mysteries of Egypt on the web
  10. Trimming/Cutting Chart for HISTORY?
  11. Fun Bible Tie-In for week 30 - The Romans Road
  12. 1953 Julius Caesar movie (with Marlon Brando) in y1 wk31
  13. Where to find good LG info on Israel's neighbors?
  14. Supplemental Picture book suggestions
  15. Book Update!?