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  1. Moses wrote Genesis to "encourage" the Israelites?
  2. Length of Bible Reading?
  3. Audio Bible Recommendation ?
  4. Week 5 Dialectic Bible Survey & Church History answers?
  5. selective genealogies?? (week 5)
  6. Idea for 'What the Bible is All About...'
  7. week 10 question about Bible verses to share with the Hindus...
  8. Memorization schedule for LG and UG
  9. Answers to Bible Survey and Church History
  10. suggestions for book substitutions for BK Kuiper's -The Church in History
  11. What the Bible is All About
  12. Appropriate Levitival Readings for LG
  13. The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture
  14. Documentary for older students that talks about the Maccabees!