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  1. how to set up student notebook
  2. Can Year One count as a World History hs credit?
  3. Question about lap books???
  4. Scheduling Household Training
  5. free reading time
  6. Another writing question
  7. Dictation
  8. How do your L/U Grammars learn their Vocab?
  9. Are the Lapbooks compatible with year 1 Classic?
  10. Spelling????
  11. What on earth is a Loom 1 cd?
  12. An evaluation/writing project that works for us and is fun!
  13. What is Key Document in Government Studies CD???
  14. Classic bks vs. redesigned bks
  15. DK Illustrated Family Bible
  16. Difference between printing 1 and printing 2 of Redesigned Y1?
  17. Key Docs in Government History - Is all there?
  18. Loom access for 2nd owner
  19. Dialectic Philosophy book
  20. What is meant by 'memory work'
  21. Where do I find lapbook paper?
  22. Combining weeks in Y1?
  23. Switching to DE? What are you doing with your printed TOG?
  24. Supporting Links
  25. If your oldest child is LG do you usually do the Read-Alouds?
  26. Redesign?
  27. Student Activity Packs
  28. Have Print to buy or not to buy DE
  29. Lower grammar reading warning
  30. Combining old and new Tapestry year 1
  31. Writing Help for Level 3
  32. difference between 2008 and 2010 printing??
  33. When can we order?
  34. Vocabulary...
  35. When to order new print versions
  36. Year 1 in reference to Common Core & Upgrading old redesigned print versions
  37. DE on more than one computer
  38. Memory work compatable with Y1
  39. Problem with Government elective-weeks 13 & 14