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  1. Link to our explanation of learning levels
  2. lapbooks...how helpful are they?
  3. What if...?
  4. Are your 4th and 5th graders in UG?
  5. Keep these children in the same level or not?
  6. discussion
  7. D/R students
  8. do you assign all of the reading?
  9. Fitting it all in
  10. Dictionary and Thesaurus Recs for Grammar (xpost - LG general Info)
  11. LG/UG and the Trivium
  12. Accountability Questions
  13. Sign Offs
  14. Excellent book for LG church history
  15. video/training
  16. Trying to find Marcia's wisdom... ;-)
  17. Determining Level for my son
  18. Socratic Discussions Teacher Training
  19. Confusion regarding word assignments and LG
  20. Understanding the Essay Test-taking form
  21. Is YEAR 4 really for 12th graders?
  22. 14 yo ds not getting AQs- help
  23. Purpose of recitations?
  24. Reading levels different from thinking level...
  25. Classical Conversations with TOG?
  26. Combining Dialectic and Rhetoric
  27. do you find TOG needs supplemental bible/worldview curriculum
  28. Giving English Credits
  29. How to help your child become more independent when s/he struggles with focusing?
  30. How do I get things done?
  31. Tackling TOG with littles
  32. Wondering what levels to do next year....
  33. When to move to Dialectic?
  34. High School and calcuating grades
  35. Grading advice?
  36. Choosing between Dialectic and Rhetori
  37. Is Primer overkill?
  38. Huge jump to Rhetoric?
  39. Read to Learn
  40. Dialectic for High School
  41. Dialectic with auditory learner