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  1. Thank you both for your thoughts and suggestions....

    Thank you both for your thoughts and suggestions. I actually appreciate hearing from two different perspectives. Yes Pat, the writing course will end after Thanksgiving, so we will have more time...
  2. picking up literature half way through the year...

    Okay, so I know this is not the proper way to do TOG lit, but I have had to finally admit that my newly rhetoric level dd is just not going to get lit. done this semester. She is taking another...
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    different way of teaching Tapestry government

    I'm just curious if anyone has ever taken the government tract of Tapestry (more than one year plan) and taught it as a separate course? I know that is not how TOG is designed to be used, but we...
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    Confused about Poetics

    I must have missed something somewhere, because I have just recently become aware of the changes in the availability of Poetics and Frameworks. I have a 2011 DE version of year 2, and I have Poetics...
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