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  1. Fun History 2 show as bridge between weeks 10 and 11

    I stumbled on an episode of America Unearthed on the History2 channel. It is available for viewing (free) on their website right now. It talks about the Alamo and a bit of Texas history (week 10...
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    Windows 8 and older versions of Tapestry CD

    We are in serious need of another computer. Most of what we have looked at within our price range come with Windows 8. We did purchase one, had it less than 24 hours and took it back because it...
  3. Fun Bible Tie-In for week 30 - The Romans Road

    This week as we studied more about Rome and their roads, I taught my children the Roman's Road for explaining the gospel. They thought it was cool that the apostle Paul wrote to the Romans and that...
  4. Documentary for older students that talks about the Maccabees!

    Through our Netflix subscription I found a documentary called Empires: Kingdom of David and it has several episodes.

    I have my kids read the material for the week first and then we watch a...
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