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    Sorry if this is not the proper place to post this, but I couldn't find anywhere more suitable.
    All the titles on the students' summer reading list for year 3 seem to be books we read during year 2. Are these assignments purposed to include portions otherwise skipped, or are they in fact a repeat and intended for kids who did not just finish year 2?
    I'm sure this is a common question answered somewhere. I'm sorry to take up bandwidth with it, but ran out of other options. PLEASE consider adding a search function to the website.
    Tami Barrett

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    Hi Tami,
    Yes, a lot of the summer reading is to review what happened at the end of the previous year-plan. They are for kids who didn't finish the previous year-plan, but also as a reminder for students who did finish.

    Here on the forum you can use the "find" button for your searches. It's one of the green tabs across the top of the forum.

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    Thanks for the clarification, Dana.
    I should've clarified that I meant the rest of the site, when I was talking about a "search" function. Truthfully, rather than go to the site anymore, I go straight to the Forum and search there. Nine times out of ten I can find a post where someone tells where to find something on the site or even gives a link. LOVE the forum search function.

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