We are aware that many of you are eagerly awaiting news of Year 4 releases. Here is a brief update, with prayer requests!

1. Year 4 Redesigned is well into production: our team is currently working on Week 6. Please pray for us so that we can work speedily, that we are kept from illnesses that slow the process down, and that we are all given God's Spirit of wisdom and grace so that we can write what He wants your children to learn as you use Year 4.

2. We are confidently expecting to release Year 4 for immediate download on June 4. A point of prayer and effort is whether we can also include the Loom documents that cover Unit 1 in that initial download, or whether you'll need to do an update to receive those documents later in the summer. Please pray for us that we get those done WITH the unit, as is our fond hope.

3. We will be posting, by means of the search engine on Bookshelf Central, a list of books for Unit 1 in early May, we hope. This somewhat depends on publishers sending new titles to Dana in a timely fashion. Please pray for this when you think of Year 4 books. The first orders are always the speed bump of the process.

4. We hope to be making available the spread-sheet versions of primary book lists for all year-plans, including Year 4, as this year unfolds. Please pray for us for accuracy and grace as we add this task to already full task lists.

THANKS for your patience, support, and prayers. We love serving you!