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    We had one short experience w/a TOG virtual co-op using WizIQ that left us extremely frustrated a couple of yrs ago. This past year we ventured out again with a virtual co-op(Virtual Homeschool Group)for a science class using Elluminate/Moodle. The technology has been amazing for us with using a wireless card. No drag time ~ crystal clear. YAY for the choice w/this technology!!!

    The Rhetoric classes offered (History,Literature,Philosophy) would be paid led discussions?

    There would be no written work grades or projects for these classes.???

    I believe I understand there would be classes offered to parents on HOW to grade. Would there be an additional cost with these as well or is this included with the classes?

    I will say personally ~ grading for this age has always been a sore spot. We need them for transcripts, but I always feel unsure on how to do this correctly.

    Thanks for helping to clarify.

    Lisa in Va.

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    Dear Lisa,

    Isn't Elluminate wonderful? We used it in our co-op last year and it was like you said, no drag time and crystal clear. We had very, very few technical problems and the ones we had were quickly solved.

    We WILL be grading the discussion, using a rubric. We are looking for preparedness, completeness and thoughtfulness of answers, manners with the other students, and participation. We will be giving you these grades mid- and end of each unit.

    We can certainly discuss with you how to grade the rest of their work - or at the very least, offer our comments on how we grade our own children. We will also be communicating with the parents of the students in each of our classes, and I will gladly assist the parents of my students with advice on grading the other aspects of TOG. Although, only you know your child, what he is capable of, and if he is putting in his best effort.

    We certainly hope you join us!
    Sheri <><
    homeschool mom of 3 in Virginia

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    Let me just add a couple of things to Sheri's post.

    Yes, the classes that you pay for are discussions that follow the discussion scripts and led by veteran Tapestry teachers.

    Correct, no written work will be sent in or graded. The students will get a discussion grade as Sheri mentioned. This applies to the discussion courses. The writing courses will have written work sent in.

    About grading...yes that can be tricky and we want to help! We will be offering our parents help and guidance. We will offer the basic training classes on how to grade free of charge to our LLC families.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.


    Barb Spanier
    Lampstand Learning Center

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