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Thread: End of Year Exam - Dialectic

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    What expectation do you all place on your D students regarding how they take the end of Year final exam? I'm wondering if it is reasonable that they take the whole thing without looking back at their notes. What do you all do?

    Thank you.

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    I think the answer to your question depends on how much you have done to prepare your students for the test. It would definitely not be fair to just pull out the exam and expect them to remember everything they have covered over the year. But, if you spend some time preparing them for the exam and reviewing what is on the test, which is generally big ideas and pulling together thoughts and trends from the entire year, you might reasonably expect them to do the test closed book. My guys are R level, and we prepare orally for the exam. Discussing the big ideas of the unit and the year is helpful for them, and they are not surprised by the test. One thing I have done is tell the guys that a particular test is going to be open-note (you have to tell them this at the beginning of a unit for it to be effective!) - this can be a good motivator fro answering T and A Q's thoroughly in writing! Hope this is helpful!
    Also, remember that you can modify the exam to reflect what you have emphasized, if that differs from what TOG has on the evaluation.

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