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Thread: File on Evaluations CD "damaged"

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    I am using Evaluations Year 2, and I just gave my daughter the Week 16 quiz. When I tried to pull up the answers, it kept coming up blank. When I went to My Computer on the windows menu, right clicked on the CD and chose Open, right clicked on the PDF file and chose Open, it told me it couldn't access the file, that it was damaged or isn't the right file type. Help!

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    Hi, goofymom!

    I assume you're not using Tapestry DE. I checked the CD masters for Year 2 Evaluations and all the week 16 Teacher documents open without a hitch. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-705-7487 or start a Technical Support chat session at and we'll try to figure out how to fix this.

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    I solved the last problem by grading with my friend who has the same disc, but now the same problem is happening with the Unit 2 review. I think the disc has been scratched. I do have DE, but I bought it in May, and Evaluations was a separate disc then. If I updated, would the problem be solved?

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    Go to http://www.lampstandbookshelf...._page=index&cPath=76 for the upgrade form. If you fill out that form and send in your scratched CD, our Customer Service department will upgrade you to the DE version of the supplement(s) you send back.

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    Thank you!!

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