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Thread: Music discussion - when and how?

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    I'm not sure when to have our music discussion. Also, are we supposed to ask questions from what we glean from our teacher notes? Should we add this in to the discussion with the history? I love music history, and I want to do it, I'm just wondering what the thought is behind when to do it, and how. I see that the readings come from the Gift of Music, but I don't know if I should have them read and outline, or do something else. I am sure that I am missing something, but I have 8 kiddos, with 5 of them under 5, and I seem to be a little overwhelmed right now. Can anyone help with this issue? I am also missing when we are supposed to talk about the church history part on week 2 with Napoleon. Are we just supposed to add that info in anytime for the kids? The 2 children that I am teaching this part to are in the dialectic stage.

    thank you so much!

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    We never have time to fit it all in. My 13yos and 16yod are swamped keeping up with everything else in their other subjects and the history AQs and TQs and dd's R lit. For TOG I'd rather they fccus on the AQs and TQs and my dd's R lit. Everything else is extra. However, when I can, I make note of extras to have light discussions during lunch. For music, I often bring the laptop over to the table, find audio clips from the composer studied and we listen. The kids usually start talking on their own of things they remember. I flip through the book because I need my memory refreshed myself and bring in extra details, looking for the key ones.

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