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Thread: Transparency frustration!

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    I've been having a difficult time with the transparency project. At one point, I found a chart that gave each weeks map assignments for every level, including transparencies. I printed it out for units 1 & 2, but now I can't find it to print out units 3 & 4 - I wonder if it was only in my original loom disc? I'm just so tired of looking through the DE files for it.

    My other "issue" is that there are no notes for the transparency project in the Rhetoric geography Overview page or SAPs (at least not for unit 3 - are they indicated in the other units?). I'm sure there are supposed to be at least a couple in unit 3 - I can't figure out why they would at least have a note about them to make it easier to keep track of.

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    Hi Susan,
    Whenever a map (or any other item) is needed in a given week, it should be posted right there in DE for you. There should be no need to search around to figure out when to use them.

    On the other hand, if you aren't using DE, you will not have this information at your fingertips. The idea though, is to choose countries that you are going to make the transparency project for. For instance, in Year 1, you might choose Greece and Israel. So, anytime there is a map assignment for either of these two countries, you just add an overlay to the transparency.

    You are right; there are no reminders in the week-plans themselves to do the transparency project. This is because each family may choose different countries or continents to follow throughout the school year.

    I've also begun recommending to just put a clear overlay over the top of the base map instead of printing an overlay. It's not a perfect match in the printer because of the varying thicknesses of the transparency and the paper.

    Hope this helps!

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