We just had our first UC of the year. Thank you to Carolyn for all her hard work!

Originally, there was to be a living timeline. Students were encouraged to dress up from PreK to High School. No one was to disclose who he/she was. Then, through a parade, all had to guess who the person was based on clues provided by the one dressed up.

Next, onto various stations.

Spies had a retired CIA agent for D/R. UG/LG participated in a fun activity involving the founder of the Boy Scouts and his espionage activities.

Rations: R/D tried to determine how their "families" (groups they were divided into) would manage on their monthly ration of stamps/produced goods.

Morse Code: R/D/ listened to a retired MC Navy Specialist. Fascinating! Teams were chosen based on the message students had to decode w/Morse Code. Then they moved outdoors to participate in the Battle of Verdun, complete with marshmallow guns and grenades. Unfortunately, Germany won.

UG/LG were learning about aviation at the Airplane center where students brought in an airplane they constructed. The teacher served Red Baron pizza.

Next, an assembly line (US/LG) made and served chocolate pudding for all other levels. Followed by that, budding Jazz musicians played a piece for us.

Hope these ideas inspire some of you as you plan to celebrate Unit One!

Teresa in NC