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Thread: Lesson plans for Apologia General Science

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    We will be doing Apologia General Science for our 7th grader next year. The Sonlight Lesson plans for this program look really good. I will be teaching 7th, 4th, 2nd, K and have a new baby so I am looking for something to be thorough and make it easy as I have learned that I just can't do it all myself.

    Has anyone else used these or something else for the Apologia General Science?

    Thanks, Diane

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    If you check you will find some lesson plans there, too. I use Donna's to get me started but usually end up making my own to fit our own schedule.

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    My Father's World (MFW) has a complete year's worth of lesson plans for Apologia books. They are very inexpensive and flexible to use no matter how many days/week one wishes to do science. They are NOT laid out in weekly lessons but in numbered daily lessons grouped by modules allowing you to determine how many lessons to assign each week. I love this!

    There is a blank next to each lesson number for you or the child to add the date assigned and/or completed. (I have a master weekly lesson template that I have the kids add the science lesson numbers to each week from the MFW lesson plan guide. I number the lessons for MFW so we can have the same flexibilty of merely writing in lesson numbers and not being restrained by week numbers. I also carry out this same concept for other courses using Donna Young's Quarter Planner templates if I have to create the lesson plans myself. Every lesson gets a number. Then in the weekly lesson template, the kids just list those numbers for each course for each day they will be completed.)

    Lab supplies are listed with each module's lessons. There are helpful lab notes added for each module such as mentioning preparation for future labs that you may need extra time to get ready for. Substitions (that will work) are occassionally noted as are further details about lab supplies that can be very helpful. For example, in one module a glass or plastic bottle was listed on the lab supply list. MFW noted that a 2 liter glass bottle with a narrow neck works the best. I appreciate all such helps!

    The lessons are very simple to follow yet detailed. They list when to watch a segment on the media CD, page numbers plus the headings so there is no confusion as to where to start and stop each day, On Your Own questions to be done, each experiment to be conducted, etc.

    A day for review is scheduled before each module test. Another review day is scheduled before each Quarter exam.

    A simple grade sheet is included for ease of recordkeeping. one need only add the scores after each test.

    Physical Science is scheduled for 136 days including everything - reading, reviews, tests, labs, Quarter Exams + review for them, etc.

    I spent time typing up my own very detailed schedule for General Science one year and then discovered these. What a great timesaver with all the details I wanted and then some in a convenient, compact, and very inexpensive packet.

    What a great timesaver these have been for me! Perhaps they will be for you too. =)


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