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Thread: What age to start geography?

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    Hey all--

    I am starting TOG in two weeks with my 1st grade son (and K younger sister) and am wondering how necessary it is to do maps at all with one this young. Other than to help provide context of place and time, is it necessary that we take the time to learn all the geographical terms? Is that appropriate at this age? Should I do it over more time than 1 week, say over a month or unit? Suggestions and guidance are most apprciated.

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    I used these cards with my 6 year old.

    We looked at the pictures and I read the description. When we did the cookie map I picked out about 6 terms he needed to make and label. Island, mountain range, mouth and source, delta (as we are doing Egypt). I can't find where I read it but I think geography terms are done in week 1 of every year for LG/UG so you'll have another six rounds of geography terms. Just genrtly introduce them and then add to and re-enforce as the years go on.

    You could just give your child a map and get them to label from the teachers map at this age so they don't have the frustration of trying to find things in an atlas.

    Once you join the TapestryYear1 group you can go to this link and get map labels for the year so your child just has to stick on labels and not try to write in tiny neat print.

    Finally for Grade one your core subjects are phonics, maths, and TOG Histroy, Writing and Literature. Geography, Arts/Activities and Bible Survey are all electives so you can pick and choose from week to week what to do. Remember it's a smorgasbord, you don't have to eat one of everything.
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