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Thread: Literary Comparison Paper for High School English

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    I noticed in the list of english credits for a high school student, one of the papers they need is a literary comparison paper. In seeking to break this down into teachable units, I usually look to the writing section of the curriculum. However, I can't find any break down of the litary comparison assignment (by week). I am not sure where to begin planning this paper. Level 12 lists a "Classical Comparison Paper" which lasts 15 weeks, but I am teaching a co-op of high school kids in 9-12 grade, which is the level listed with a "Literary Comparison".
    Anyway, I would love some help with this! If it was broken down in a preious year plan, I do have all 3 years of redesign. I just wasn't sure where to begin. Thanks for any assistance you can give!

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    Hi! The Literary Comparison paper is not the same as the Classical Comparison paper, though I can easily see how it might look like it is. The Literary Comparison paper is a 4-6 page paper that is supposed to take about 4 weeks to complete. It is one step up in difficulty from the Literary Analysis paper and does the same sort of thing, only it analyzes two literary elements from two different books instead of analyzing one literary element from one book. If you have Writing Aids, the paper is fully explained there. I hope that what I've said briefly here helps a bit!

    Christy Somerville

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