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Thread: Anyone have specific plans to incorporate Canadian history into TOG?

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    I'm a Canadian living in the United States with my American husband. We have no problem with the high emphasis of American history, but would love for the kids to have the Canadian history go alongside it.

    We are in Year 2, Unit 2, right now, so I need to begin figuring out what I'm going to do for Units 3 and 4 soon. We already own "The Story of Canada" by Janet Lunn. I guess I'm wondering, before I go to the work of trying to plan out the reading of that book with each week, whether someone else has already done that? Or, if there's a better/different book that someone has already made the plan of when to use with the TOG week plans? (I know that someone had done that for A Child's History of the World by A.V. Hillyer.)

    Any other thoughts or advice are also welcome!

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    This is an old thread I realize, but just in case someone else has this question. There is a free book available online called Our Empire Story at...]Our Empire Story[/URL]

    It's pretty well written and there are some rather exciting parts - it includes poetry etc. from the period, and I've read through the Canadian parts (it's all about the British empire, including Australia etc) with my son

    I also don't mind the American history in TOG - we should know about our neighbours to the south, and the history's downright exciting to boot!
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    I have used the Canada: A People's History CBC production to supplement. It weaves quite a bit of US history into it, so I find it works well with TOG.


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    I have been working to create a Canadian Supplement to TOG. We just finished Year 2 in the spring, and I have made at least the beginnings of a framework for the dialectic and Upper Grammar levels (some weeks even complete with discussion questions and answers!). I have been able to incorporate some Canadian historical fiction. It is very hard to find the Canadian historical fiction, even to purchase it! (Donna Ward is a great reasource for books.) If you would be interested in seeing what I have put together, I would be happy to share it.

    Three years ago our family hosted a Canadian history co-op with several other families. The moms all took turns teaching the history lessons. We used Heather Penner's Modern History Through Canadian Eyes as our framework to plan the lessons. It is quite helpful. The Story of Canada is still my favourite book to provide an overview of Canadian history. I also really like the CBC Canada: A People's History. I find that they are best watched as a review - after you have some knowledge of the facts they make much more sense.

    If anyone has already figured out how to manage Canadian history alongside American history for year 3 and 4 I would love to hear from you!


    P.S. Our kids are 13, 11, 9 and 6

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    Hi Sherine,

    I know a year has gone by since you posted this but I am just now seeing your post about incorporating Canadian history with TOG. I would be very interested in seeing what you have come up with so far (if you get this post).

    We are just starting Year 3 and I am trying to figure out the best way to incorporate our Canadian history.


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    Fellow Canadians...

    I am a fellow Tapestry of Grace user in Alberta, Canada have 4 kids, or 4 blessings from God!
    We have used Tapestry for several years and have a small co-op operating here.

    I have worked on developing a Canadian thread to fit with TOG and wonder if you might be interested in forming a group of some kind?
    Just throwing out ideas at this point. Iím interested in getting the Canadians together!

    Please email me directly at

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