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Thread: What the Bible is All About

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    I have 2 UG/D daughters and 1 D/R son. A version of this book is suggested for UG and another for R, but none for D. Why? Since all my kids are bordering on D, should I buy any of them and if so, which? Thanks.

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    Hi, our girls were UG, D, and R last year. My R read the book and my UG did the younger book. My D did not do any book since she will be doing the R What the Bible Is All About in a few years. The R one is great, especially the version with all the pictures. I would have the UG girls read the first one, even though it will be easier, it still gives a great overview. Your son should definitely read the later version, especially if he isn't going to go through year 1 again. HTH!!
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