((Amy)) That's a lot of stress. I would talk to someone about depression.

I had similar feelings after 2 brothers and 1 sister-in-law died within 18 months of each other. I found it difficult to face most tasks - school, bills, food shopping, etc. Talking with a few trusted, wise people helped and leaning on the Lord for strength. I read through the Psalms writing down verses that touched me and I even wrote some of my own. It helped - a lot, but I had to force myself to do it (kind of like physical exercise - once it's over you feel good and wonder why you can't muster the strength to do it all the time.) It's hard though and for me it wasn't an over-night change back to how I used to be, in fact 3 years later I still struggle at times with fear, but it's gotten easier.

So, talk to someone about depression, find a wise friend to talk to who will pray with and for you, draw close to your husband, spend time with the Lord, and put one foot in front of the other. Season with grace.

May God grant you peace,