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    Howdo you know when to take the Gov't elective? At a traditional high school you'd take a semester or a year of government in 11th grade. My daughter is in 9th grade and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to teach her Gov't through all four years of Tapestry or just choose the Gov't studies she'd be doing in her 11th grade year? Wouldn't she be missing out on the info from the other three years if she only did Gov't studies for the year she'd be in 11th grade?

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    On the Loom is a document called "Mapping High School" that you may find helpful. It really doesn't matter when you do the credit...just choose the year that it will fit in with her other studies. So, if you have too much science in the first two years, for instance, you might want to hold off on government until the third year.

    In terms of jumping in, she would be fine starting with any Year-Plan.

    Hope this helps!
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    We decided to do Government in Year 3 for various timing reasons (my daughter is in 11th grade this year ) but also because it starts with a review of the Constitution and goes through how the government developed. Year 2 would be more focused on how history led to the Constitution. These are the only 2 years I've done so far, so that's the only info I have. I will say that we also chose to focus on Government this year, and not do most of the assigned history.

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