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Thread: Map Aids/ Evaluations - how to copy all at once?

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    I would like to make a single document for my husband to just hit print and make a copy of my teacher maps and evaluations without having to open and print each document seperately. Is there a way to make what I want a large single file?

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    Hi, Beth!

    After selecting a week-plan and clicking Evaluations (or Map Aids), look at the links under the Evaluations icon (or the link under the Map Aids icon). Those link to documents that have all of the unit's files in one document.

    (There's no way to merge the Map Aids and Evaluations into one document, if that's what you were asking.)

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    I don't have DE but you could do this in one move if you had the files in one folder together and they were all one kind of file type.

    He would just high light all the files he wanted and then right click and select "Print."

    I'm not sure what order they would print out in, but you could experiment with that.

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    Ray, I have the map aids and evaluations on CD not digital. I'm not seeing the icon link.

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    Hi, Beth!

    You posted in CD-ROM Issues. Color ME embarrassed!

    In the CD format, there is no way to create one large file, but Pat's suggestion (working from the PC Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder) should do the trick!

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