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    I saw somewhere a planning schedule by week with each subject's work broken out by day for a specific age range (ie. LG) for the 2 year plan (where we do 1 year over a two year period). I think it was with the download sample. Does anyone know if this exists for the remainder of the year (other than just for the samples). I am new and just started and have the DE version - I've created my own spreadsheet for this but when I saw the one already preplanned it was so helpful and hoped I could find out where to get this for the remainder of the year.

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    I think the idea of TOG is that you plan it yourself to fit your family. The samples are there to get you started but they are only available for the sample weeks to my knowledge.
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    I am almost certain that the assignment chart you are looking for would be found on the loom. When you get into your DE, look at the bottom right hand corner where you will see the LOOM emblem. Click on that and a menu should pop up on the left hand side. Among the many options should be one labeled "assignment charts". Click on that and you will find 5 or 6 different options to print out.

    I hope that helps.

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    The assignment charts have the layout, days across the top, subjects down the side but you have to fill them in. I think the pre-filled charts are only availible for the samples.
    Kylie (Homeschooling in Melbourne, Australia)
    TOG Year 4
    C (10, UG)
    D (8, LG)
    J (18 months)
    Baby due Dec

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