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Thread: How Can I Make H.E.Marshall's books work for my ds?

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    I moved my 12yo ds up to dialectic this year. Last year (our first with TOG) he did UG history and D literature. I thought the transition would be easier, but he hates the H.E. Marshall books. (I think they're great!) We are in week 11. I'd like to keep him in D: I already have the books, and he's already read many of the UG books the last time we studied American history.

    How can I help him to get the most from his reading? He seems to remember very little, thinks its boring, and doesn't seem to be making connections.

    Any suggestions would be so helpful.

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    Have you little ones? Do you have the time to read with him for a few weeks? Does he think it boring because he is trying to read too much at a time? Are you helping him to make connections with leading ?'s This was a tough transition for my ds 12 too...I read with him for a while then I just read the first page to whet his appetite then I helped him break the reading up into managable (15 min at a time) it is easier and he is enjoying the book because he is beginning to connect who people are. I hope that helps if not there are wiser women who post regularly that will have other ideas.

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    I think the ideas above are good. If you don't have time to read the books out loud, take the time to skim over the Marshall material and mark sections to be read at a time.

    BUT, and this would be tough, the truth is some readers don't like some authors period so after helping working to break the Marshall readings down,

    So at some point I'd look for some substitutes.For some you may have (and want) to use the UG level books for instance in Year Two Unit 2, I'd use the Making of Europe book from UG because it is so good. In the American history parts, I'd look at the texts suggested on the alternates page and choose from those.

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