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    Has anyone found a good replacement for this book? I find it to be difficult and boring. Church history is way too important to allow them to be turned off by this dry presentation.

    I don't see any comments. Am I the only one who thinks this?

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    Hi Randi,
    You might consider following the Dialectic Church History track if you don't care for the Rhetoric one....just one idea.

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    Can I make a plug for this book? In planning and writing TOG, I read this book cover to cover. It was a quandary for me as the curriculum author whether or not to include it in the book lists and assignments because it IS long and detailed. So, I'm sympathetic there with you! I wish I'd had the freedom to edit it down to about half the text.

    BUT, that said, the book is extremely valuable for giving us a clear picture of the long, slow slide in this country from a society that believed in and relied on the authority of Scripture to one that no longer does. The process was long and detailed, and took YEARS. So, the book needs to be detailed in order to be honest.

    An idea for this book (and the whole CH Rhetoric track for Year 3, which IS challenging) is to read and discuss it as an in-depth unit in summer months after Year 3. Students will have a context for the book by then and only a couple of chapters will remain to fit into Year 4 (I'd save those for the weeks in Year 4 in which they're assigned.)

    I did not LOVE this book initially in terms of readability, but once I accepted it for what it was (a detailed description of the secularization of American society as reflected in a detailed history of revivalism in this country) I came to believe that it is HIGHLY valuable.

    Just my $.02.

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    I don't know of another book that would serve the same purpose as this one - detailing
    the long, slow slide in this country from a society that believed in and relied on the authority of Scripture, [to] one that no longer does.
    My dss did not particularly enjoy reading this book, but our discussions each week were fruitful.

    I think the best option (if you don't want to use Modern Revivalism) is to use the Dialectic church history track. The Rhetoric track includes more biographies in Year 4.

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