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Thread: What does TOG look like in your home?

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    This is my first time using TOG and we're beginning with unit 4. I'm thinking that it's probably a whole lot easier to begin a year with unit 1! LOL! Anyway, I am feeling a little foggy about this and would greatly appreciate hearing from those who have used TOG for awhile.

    What do your Friday meetings look like? How do you manage more than one level? How closely do you follow the booklists? Do you ever feel like it's an awful lot for Mom to digest, let alone the children? How do you manage it?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks much,

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    I know it looks different in every home. Nobody does ToG alike so hopefully lots of people will reply to your questions. Here is my 2 cents worth.

    I have two girls in UG and a son in LG, and a pre-schooler. I stick with the suggested books (or alternative books) if I can get them from the local library. If not, I check out books on that topic and pick and choose from them what I want to use. If the library has nothing on the topic I read (or lecture) from the teacher's notes.

    Yes, it is a lot to digest, especially in the beginning when you are still getting a feel for how the curriculum is laid out. After a while you will know right where everything is and know what to expect from yourself and your children in any given week. It does take time though, for everyone, to adjust.

    Teaching my children independance has been invaluable! If you are managing more than one level, the more the older ones can do on their own the better. My girls know where to find their assignments each week (in my lesson plan book) and do a set amount of work each morning before I come to look it over.

    Since my oldest isn't a strong reader I still read most of the books aloud to all the children. My LG son doesn't always sit through the UG books, but I have been amazed at how much he absorbs, even if he is playing with his cars or Legos on the floor while I read to the girls.

    We try to do all our reading on Monday and Tuesday, do Student Activity Pages and Maps on Wednesday, review people and places and do and supplemental reading on Thursday, and Friday is set aside for projects. This has worked really well for us.

    We don't do weekly Friday meetings yet (because they are not ready to do all the reading on their own) but if there are multiple projects to choose from I will select a few I think are managable based on our time and resources that week and let them decide which they want to do. Often though, I just choose what projects I think we can do and they will enjoy.

    I know you will find your rhythm. Be encouraged! We have all been in the fog and lived to tell about it.

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    Hello Linda,

    I agree with Beth in many ways. . .the first several weeks can be quite foggy but I promise you that there will be a day when you wake up and start the day and realize that the fog is completely gone. At first glance, TOG can seem like a lot to navigate through. I have two upper grammar students and two preschoolers. This is my second year using TOG. I have a teaching degree and have taught in both public schools and private schools. I have also spent too much time mucking through lots of different curriculem. I say all that to say, it is my greatest joy to teach my children at home I have come to the conclusion that TOG can not be beat. It is phenominal!!

    As Beth pointed out, each family has its own unique way of setting up the week. An assignment sheet has proven vital in our home and my girls love having those at their fingertips each Monday morning. I still fill out the assignment sheets each week, however I plan on having my oldest daughter own that task next year when she moves up to Dialetic. Depending on the length of a reading assignment, we are known for spreading that out for the entire week. Friday is unique in that we complete lapbook activities, discuss people listed in the overview page, complete any literature worksheets and quizzes, and wrap up our week with purposeful discussion in regards to what we have "digested". Both in year one and year two, I was able to gather all of our reading resources prior to our first "day" of school. Having all of our books for the entire year has really eased the stress of planning for me. I realize that this may not always be the case for our family but it has been a huge blessing as I have been in the midst of learning about TOG and using it in my home. Thursdays are set aside for our geography assignments and arts and activities. My husband is home that day and he is great to come along side me in those areas. We hone in on vocabulary on Mondays and Tuesdays and we spend anywhere from two to five days on writing assignments. My girls read independantly but if TOG has a suggested read aloud for that week, we do gather together to do that.

    TOG is the highlight of my girls' day. Sometimes we experience tears in math or grammar but in our house, happy hearts are the norm with TOG. We love it and I know you will too. Keep on keeping on!!

    Blessings to you!

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    So encouraged by these posts from you ladies! I am also in my second year of TOG with a 9, 7, and 4 year old. I am also a public school teacher who is blessed to be able to use those gifts to teach my own children at home. I agree that TOG is THE BEST curriculum out there hands down! Keep up the great work and just do what you can. It will get better as you go along, and you will find your rhythm soon. I actually think this year I finally feel like I know what I am doing! It helped for me to get a crate and gather all the worksheets, NB pages, maps etc. copied ahead of time for Unit 1 (10 weeks) all put in that week's folder. Then each week I have the kids go over their assignments and then grab that week's folder full of their papers they will need. This has saved me a lot of time and scrambling at the last minute to run off a paper or dash to my computer to print something out. Anyway...may God give you all that you need this year to make TOG work for YOUR family!

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