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Thread: Church History for Beginning Rhetoric Students

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    I was just reading through the Introduction to Y4 again and picked up on something I had overlooked before. On page 25 it says that you recommend waiting to start the multi-year books, used in Church History, if your students are first year Rhetoric students. Are you referring to titles like Modern Revivalism and Church History in Plain Language? How would you fit those in for a 9th grader, since they won't be returning to Y4 at this level?

    I have already purchased these books, but would be willing to hold-off a bit longer if you think the content is better understood if one starts at the beginning of the text in Y1. Am I understanding your point or are you referring to something different.


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    Dear Eia,

    (Not Marcia here...)

    I think a 9th grader would do fine reading Church History in Plain Language. It is an interesting book, and the reading level is not overly challenging. They would be missing some context if they've not been studying church history using the dialectic materials in the past, though.

    I would not assign a beginning rhetoric student Modern Revivalism; it is very challenging and might squelch their interest in church history altogether. Modern Revivalism is also read in Year 3, so your student could read it when they study Year 3 next time. If you look in the Teacher's Notes for Week 1 on pp. 73-74 (print) or pp.93-94 (DE), you'll see a better explanation. If you're still unsure about assigning this book, you could read some of it yourself to get a feel for whether or not your 9th grader would be able to read, understand, and enjoy it.

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    Thanks Susan, I appreciate your input. I have read the Teacher Notes about Modern Revivalism, but I was really trying to understand which books Marcia was referring to in her introductory notes for Y4. The two titles I listed are both multi-year books, but I agree that Church History in Plain Lang. should be ok since they've been doing church history at the D level already. There are so many pieces to TOG and I just wanted to make sure I was clear on her recommendation.

    Thanks again for your help.


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    Hi there,
    She's referring more so to Church History in Plain Language, and mostly because there is so little of the book used in Year 4, that we hesitate to encourage people to spend money for something that is used mostly in Years 2 and 3. That said, if someone is planning on coming back around to those Year-Plans, it's not a problem.

    And yes, Susan is correct that Modern Revivalism is a more difficult book to read through. However, it is certainly used often enough in Year 4 to make it worth purchasing.

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