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Thread: panicking!! Please help!

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    I recently received my DE year 3 CD with license to install on 2 computers. Tonight I was trying to save some files to one of those little memory sticks--flash drive?-- Anyway, I got a message that "something" needed to be formatted. I thought it meant the little device, so I clicked ok. Suddenly the green bar started across the screen saying it was formatting my DE!! I tried to stop it, finally ejected my disc which I had forgotten was still in the drive. But when I took the disc to our second computer (not installed there yet), nothing happened. I get a little CD symbol with DEY3 on it, but it says 0 items. Did I erase the disc? Please tell me I didn't! If I did, what do I do now?

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    I'm glad that I could help resolve this issue for you. For any problems like this you can call Customer Service and we will be able to get you set up with a new CD.

    Sarah Somerville
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