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Thread: algebra I essential before Apologia Chemistry?

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    My son is almost 16 and will be a junior this year but is still struggling through algebra I. He has finished Apologia biology so chemistry is next. What should I do? He needs more math and science to graduate.

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    My 15 & 16 yr. old just finished Apologia Chemistry. They had already had Alg. I and Alg. II and were finishing up Geometry. The Apologia Chemistry involves a lot of work with equations. It was a rigorous course even with their strong math background.

    To work through the chemistry equations your son will need to have a thorough understanding of solving equations, numerical substitution, scientific notation, canceling units, and especially solving fractional equations and complex fractions (a fraction within a fraction). I believe that the Chemistry work could reinforce and help develop understanding of the Algebra concepts, but this will add a lot of time/effort to the Chemistry work.

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    My 15 year old daughter will be doing Apologia Chemistry this year and will only be about halfway through Algebra 1 before we start. She's not struggling (once math got more abstract, she understood it better - go figure!) but I am anticipating that she might run up against a wall. Wile does say they should be able to have a calculator for the tests and he does talk about giving them partial credit if the steps for a math problem are correct, but the numbers are off. If we get into a bad spot, I may allow her to have the formulas in front of her as well. I know I had tests in high school where we got to have "cheat sheets" like that. We have looked at the math in the first few modules and she feels confident she can do it.
    All of this is to say that you might be able to make Apologia work. If you could get ahold of a copy, or look at samples online, you might be able to get a better idea of the expectations and whether your son could handle them. You might also be able to take it slowly and continue it into next summer - which it sounds like you're doing with Algebra this year. I was prepared to do that if I had to, but I decided to stick with the Apologia co-op group we've had for the last three years and make it work. I don't have any alternative suggestions, but I hope this was some help and that you find the best solution for your son!

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    The Teaching Company chemistry course is a good supplement for those students who struggle a little with the math. It's on sale right now.
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