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Thread: Can anyone recommend an advanced physical science curriculum

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    Our son (who will be a senior in the fall) has completed all of Apologia's science through physics. Lately, he has been very interested in God's creation--the solar system, young earth, geology, intelligent design . . . things like that.

    We would like to take advantage of his interest in this area and let him study it during his senior year, but alas, Apologia doesn't offer an "advanced physical science" or anything like that.

    I have done some Google searches and haven't found such a curriculum, and before I go to the trouble of pulling something together myself, I thought I would ask all of you if you are aware of any such thing.

    It would need to be more challenging than the middle-school material that he has already done in Apologia. I'm also hoping it will have companion testing material, so I will better be able to guage whether he is "getting" it or not.

    Any suggestions anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

    Grace to you,
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    You might take a look at Singapore's Science Matters Series. They don't have an "advanced" physics, but the way they approach science is markedly different than how US texts do. There's much more integration of knowledge in my opinion.

    Take a look at the samples and the topics covered.

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    Have you considered calling the folks at Apologia for input? Another source might be Answers in Genesis. Maybe he could get an apprenticeship at their Creation Museum or something like that. Not sure where you live, but there may be a smaller creation museum closer to you that could offer the same thing. We here in OH are blessed to have a small museum run by homeschoolers near Akron.
    Becky in OH

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    Hi Teri,

    I know your post is a couple of days old but you might try checking out some of the Christian colleges (Bob Jones and Liberty Universities, Patrick Henry College, etc.) that offer distance learning and see if they have any courses that would fit the bill. Another place is I know they offer a full degree program with several majors so maybe they have a class that would work.
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