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Thread: Movies for year 4

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    Hi, I just wanted to share a few movies we've written down to watch during Year 4. These are mostly PBS Masterpiece Theatre productions that I remember watching when they first came out.

    They give a good "flavor" of what it was like to live in these times.

    The Way We Live Now: 1870. Written by Trollope, (financial scandals of the early 1870s)

    The Flame Trees of Thika: 1913 (true story, lives of English settlers in Kenya in 1913, when the country was a British colony.)

    The House of Eliott: 1920's England (fictional account of 2 sisters who start up their own dressmaking business)My son watched the first series, which gave him an excellent view of what that time period was like; I'm continuing on alone--LOVE THE COSTUMES!!!

    The Lost Prince: WW I (true story of Prince John, the youngest child of Britain's King George V and Queen Mary--showing much of the political events of that time)

    Edward and Mrs. Simpson: 1936 (true story of the scandal caused by the abdication of King Edward)

    Goodnight Mr. Tom: start of WWII (London children evacuated because of the Blitz, to live with villagers)

    ?? Jewel in the Crown: 1947 (the final days of the British Raj in India during World War II) The topic is about an Indian man being unjustly accused of rape, so I don't know if we will watch this or not

    Gandhi (the movie)

    I'm sure there are more; just haven't thought of them yet.

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    Thanks, Gaye!

    I will have to add some of these to movies that we will be watching this year. We will also add in Sargent York for WW1 and To Kill a Mockingbird for literature later in the year. We may add The Great Gatsby, if we read that novel for lit.
    I will add any others that I think of!
    Thanks again,

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    Thanks! I was also thinking, as we were reading about Russia and the tsars, that Fiddler on the Roof would be a good one to watch, too.
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    Just so you ladies know, we've done our best to limit widely available movies that pertain to the weekly topics in the "Alternates" reading charts (page 5 of every Redesigned week-plan). See the "Enrichment" row. We don't always get all there are, tho. I see some good new ones above. Feel free to email with any great movies that you know of. Please include appropriate age ranges and any cautions with your suggestion. THANKS!

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