Dear Fay,

I agree with Barb that having the exact book list for history is not absolutely necessary.

I taught at a real life TOG co-op which had several parents trying to make it work with what was available in our local libraries. To assist them, I often made them lists of the exact topics to be read. This helped them to pinpoint books and chapters of books for their children.

I found the Weekly Overview page in the week plan to be invaluable. It lists the threads and the people that are being covered that week. I used that list to point parents towards the right books.

Of course this will require extra work for you - you are going to need to review the books you have available and try to find ones that cover all these events and people.

I've also used the internet to supplement subjects when I've not been able to find a book on a certain topic. Often there are some great links in the history section of the Loom.

Good luck, and let us know if you need help.