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    Marcia, I have been using TOG for 4 yrs. now. Finishing up in Yr. 4, with my daughter in her senior year. Best decision I have ever made in the 11 years of homeschooling my two daughters. Wish I would have used it from the beginning. So as much as TOG has been a blessing to myself and my close friend, who also has used it for the past 4 years with all 4 of her kids...WE LOVE OUR TRYST JUST AS MUCH! We purchased it this summer and I do not know how we have gone all of this time without using it! It really has made me more accountable to my mornings with God. Although, I'm not going to lie, some mornings are crazy and can not get to having "Me Time". But, my friend and I have loved the conversations that have come about after we do. It is has been a tool in discovering a lot about my relationship with God, in my relationships with family and friends, and a lot of finding me. In using it I have also discovered issues that I need to work on, especially in actually writing out any sins. This part at first scared me a bit(I guess I did not want to see that side of myself). But so happy that I have. My friend has even taken parts of it and modified it for her 8yr. old son.

    Just wanted to say thank you for this gift.

    Many Blessing to you, your staff, and family

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    THANK YOU for posting! It's always so great to hear how the Lord is using the gifts that He gives to us to give to others. I love my Trysts, too. Recently, my husband and I decided that the Lord was calling us to take a distance learning seminary course on biblical counseling. Where to find the ten hours a week to do it? We decided that the most unfruitful time of our day was TV watching in the evenings, after about 9 PM. So, we went ahead and signed up for the course and started setting our alarms for 5 AM. Because this biblical counseling course involves many deep insights into God's Word, plus a self-counseling project, we now feel that we are having about a 2-hour QT between 5:15 (when we ACTUALLY get up) and about 7:30 or so, when we USED to start our day. It is RICH to set aside time to meet with Father in the mornings! And, like all exercise, the more you do it, the more you get addicted. May this holy addiction only grow in your as your children get older and you gain a freer schedule!

    No one can do me a greater kindness in this world than to pray for me.
    --Charles Spurgeon

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