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Thread: i.e.w. or writing aids?

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    I know i might have asked this question or someone else might have also. But i still don't know what i will do.
    I have heard so many people rave about I.E.W. and my 6th grader has used it for 1/2 of a year with success. BUT, my 8 year oldhates it -and to be honest, i do find it hard to teach. I always feel like i am stumbling around and it does take a lot of time. I am starting unit 1 next week and i am wondering if anyone has had long term success with writing aids and using the TOG writing suggestions. I think i would prefer to use the TOG assignment since it seems that it is broken done in small manageable bites. But will my kids really know how to write after this program? Just looking for some feedback.

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    I can speak to this issue both from personal and professional experience.

    On a personal note, two of our three have graduated and are now successful college students, prepared well by TOG for their college experience. This is now our 8th year using TOG, and we have used the writing component exclusively during that time.

    On a professional level, I have coached dozens of TOG students through WriteAtHome over the last few years, and the great majority of them are very good writers.

    I highly recommend the TOG writing component, especially when you consider the added blessing of having the kids write about what they are learning in history and Literature.

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    Whew! youre response was a great blessing to me! I spent all week preparing to start next week and i got cold feet yesterday and starting looking at another curriculum! I needed to hear that your children were well prepared for college and that you were able to use writing aids successfully. I do see advantages of writing about what they are reading! Thanks for being such a blessing in my day.
    God Bless-

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