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Thread: Apologia for kids who don't do well "self-teaching?"

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    For high school science I had it narrowed down to Apologia or BJU with HomeSat. I finally decided on BJU with HomeSat because that way my kids would be able to read AND be taught by someone rather than just learn by reading it themselves.

    Well, BJU HomeSat will cease to exist after this year, so I'm trying to decide if I want to bust my hump recording all the science classes or if I want to just switch to Apologia. Yet my concern about them learning by reading alone vs. reading AND being taught still remains.

    My kids are not good at self-teaching at ALL, so that is why I'm concerned. Had it been ME, there would be no question at all LOL. But my kids are not me.

    Anyone else have kids like this? Does Apologia work for them?

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    Have you looked at the samples on the Apologia website? If I remember correctly, the entire first module (chapter) is there so you can get a good idea what the book is like.

    That being said, I feel that one of the most important things I should be doing during those middle school years (D stage) is to get the kids to become "self-teachers," as you put it. I could have lectured on the topics they always had, but I chose not to because I felt that learning to learn from a book on your own is a skill that they will need as they grow older. There were a few topics that I really had to explain because they had trouble understanding, but as the year went on, the boys did much better with reading and comprehending. One thing that helps them immensely is for me to sit down with them a couple of days a week and go over what they've read or what experiments they've done and make sure they understand what's going on. (Translation: I take the book and start asking questions!) Kind of like in TOG, the discussion factor helps them to flesh out the details and the connections and figure out what they don't understand.

    By the way, my response is based on the fact that you have an 11yo. If you start with Apologia for General and Physical science before you hit high school, he should have a good handle on how to use Apologia before he gets to high school biology. At least, that was my thinking, and it seems to be working!

    Don't know if that helps or not. . .

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