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    I have a hard copy of WA and the WA-DE, and I still can't seem to locate "Talking Points." No doubt, it's probably been right in front of me at some point and I didn't take notice. Can anyone point me in the correct direction? Many thanks.
    ~Tammy G in Ohio

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    I think the talking points are found in each individual topic's teacher notes.

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    Dear Tammy,

    If you have a print-only WA, the Talking Points are found on the CD - the first column of the chart. They are a condensation of the material in the hard copy.

    On DE, if you click on a week, and then on writing aids, then on the level, the talking points are indicated with a quotation mark.

    Susan in La
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    Pat & Susan,
    Thank you for your speedy reply. My apologies for such a belated note of appreciation for pointing me in the right direction.
    ~Tammy G in Ohio

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