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Thread: Writing Aids Week 13 and 14 Level 3

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    I'm looking at the assignment for these weeks and having trouble finding some things. Week 13 says to read in Writing Aids about Free Verse poetry, but I don't see anything in writing aids about free verse. Also, Week 14 says "your teacher will give you fun exercises to teach you about symbols" but I don't see anything about this in writing aids. Am I missing something? Thanks! Kathy

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    Are you using the Classic writing assignments? If so, I would modify them to fit with the Poetry section of Writing Aids. Teach<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>imagery<LI>verbs<LI>symbols<LI>sim ile and metaphor<LI>meter<LI>and haiku[/list]using the information and exercises in the Teacher's Pages and Talking Points for Level 3. The exercises for symbols are found on pp. 3-4 of the Teacher's Pages, but I didn't find any information specifically about free verse, although the poems written in many of the exercises would be considered free verse.

    Susan in La
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    I should have said that I'm using Yr 1 Redesign. I looked in the teacher's pages and I didn't see the excercises. There is no teacher's page 3-4 in the Redesign. Could the excercises have been accidently left out of the Redesign?

    Thanks! Kathy

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    I think we may be talking about two different things! The teacher's pages and exercises I'm referring to are in Writing Aids, which is separate from the writing assignments and supplement in Redesign: Writing Aids

    Sorry I am not more help!
    Susan in La
    Mom to 18yods (ToG graduate), 17yods (R), 15yodd (R), 13yodd (D)
    Redesigned 2

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    You are being helpful! I found the pages you are talking about. I was looking at the teachers pages for weeks 13 and 14, not at the teachers pages in Writing Aids. Thanks you very much!!


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    I too had the same question regarding week 13...Susan was helpful but what about in Week 16 when it talks about cinquains and acrostic poems. Am I just not seeing those two types of poems in Writing Aids? I can sort of figure out what an acrostic poem might be, but it does say it is in the Writing Aids. Anyone know what a cinquain is and if it is in Writing Aids? And how about teaching an acrostic poem?

    Thanks for any help!

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