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Thread: Unit 1 Literary Terminology Quiz?

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    I can't find where my D level student should be learning the terminology in preparation for this quiz. Can someone please point me in the right direction? With a toddler running underfoot, I'm sure it's right under my nose and I just missed it.

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    Hi Veronica,
    Throughout a given unit, in the Teacher's Notes there are mentions that the student needs to know a given word in preparation for the quiz at the end of the unit. They are in the Teacher's Notes and not the Student Activity Pages for two reasons:
    *It is up to the teacher whether or not to assign them for memorization for a quiz.
    *It is a worthy exercise for the dialectic student to learn to take notes in order to prepare for a future test.

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    That explains it. We jumped in at week eight w/ the redesigned. I'll look through the notes for the previous weeks. Thanks!


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