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Thread: Opinions on getting a Mac

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    After reading some of the posts and problems, it's hard to tell if getting a Mac to use with DE is such a good idea. Please chime in and give me your opinions. I like apple products and would like to try a Mac notebook, but I want to be sure I can use my TOG DE with it. If I get a brand-new Mac, will I be able to use it with DE right away, or will I have to wait until this LockLizard problem is worked out?

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    I have a Mac and have never had problems with DE. I haven't upgraded to Lion, not because of TOG but due to some other programs I have that I need to make sure work with it first. It sounds like if you use Firefox, which I highly recommend using anyway, you should be able to run DE just fine.
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    I've happily used DE on my MacBook for over a year. Just bought a new iMac with OS X Lion this week, and have been able to access all LockLizard documents from the Finder menu (the Safari interface hasn't worked...but I've always just gone into Finder to get what I want anyway--so I don't miss it).


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    Marvin Brad
    I am using DE with Mac from past 11 months and till it hadn't created any problem for me..It works fine for me..I had a great experience working with Mac using DE

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