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    I am convicted on how to improve my prayer life. I have a great time with the Lord daily. I love it!!

    One of my convictions is that I don't know how to pray for the long lists of people that I know need prayer. For example, at our church they put together a prayer list. Even with a church of 150 members the prayer list is so long it would take hours upon hours to pray for everyone specifically. Then there's all the missionaries we know. We are blessed to know a lot but I still feel inadequate in how I pray for them. It has come to the point where I almost don't want to get the list on Wednesday nights because it makes me feel guilty that I haven't prayed for every single person on it.

    Another issue is that I have been journaling my prayers in the morning. I know I repeat some of the same specific requests for my husband and children and add new and different thoughts as God brings them to mind. How can I continually pray for the same things yet add to it? I love writing out sentences but feel like I may not be using my time in the wisest manner when I do's very time consuming.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be great! As an fyi - I just got the Garden Tryst but haven't read through all of it yet.

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    I understand what you are saying. I feel overwhelmed with all I want to pray for and then I end up not praying very long. I don't know the solution but I wanted you to know someone else is also having the same struggle. Something that I am trying to implement is using an index card file. The pastor's wife that used to be at our church used to keep a file of index cards. She made different categories: friends, extended family, church members, etc. then she would choose the friends category to pray for on monday, extended family on tues. etc. Then you can pray for your family and certain special requests everyday.

    I hope this helps!
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    I know this is an old post but I thought I would add something.

    My parents church pray through the alphabet. So A's on day 1, B's on day 2 etc.
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