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Thread: one more question-evolution/creation?

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    I haven't gone into the detail of this debate(?) with my children --How does TOG handle this. I am not sure of some of thebooks as they are unfamiliar to me.

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    I am speaking from a vague memory of a post long ago; I believe Marcia said that the creation/evolution issue is one of the important themes studied in year three, at least for the older students. This would make sense chronologically, since the 1800's is when Darwin made the subject of evolutionary theory famous (or infamous, if you prefer!). Hopefully Marcia or Dana will chime in here if I am not remembering correctly.

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    Hi ladies,
    Yes, April is right. Darwin is studied in Year 3, and creation itself is studied in Year 1. Basically, what we do in the year-plan, is, in the Teacher's Notes, we tell the teacher what some of the common theories are regarding creation/evolution. Even within the Christian community, there is a difference of opinion, so we encourage the teacher to convey her own personal views on this topic.

    Our stance at Tapestry is this: We believe that if science ever finally unravels the last mysteries of our origins, we will all realize that it is just what the original Hebrew text of Genesis 1 and 2 actually describes. Biblical scholars don't understand every nuance of the Hebrew text, and natural scientists don't know everything that happened, so there are significant gaps between what the translators tell us and the scientists say. We are confident that Scripture and Nature ultimately tell the same story, however, and encourage our students to wonder at the mysteries of Creation."

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