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Thread: Profanity/Curse words

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    This is our third year using Tapestry (we'll be starting Y3 in the fall) and as I preview my son's dialectic literature books, I see there is some profanity in some of the books (two I remember are Jekyll and Hyde and Invisible Man). I'd like to know opinions about this. He is 12 and I have two children younger than him. We've always carefully guarded his reading material, but at some point does the literary value justify the profanity? Let's discuss.
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    Hi Tracey,
    Yes, you are right that occasionally some of the books (not just lit) have profanity in them. Please don't forget to check the previous week's Glance so that you'll have a heads-up and can determine how you will handle these issues.

    Regarding at what point does literary value justify profanity...really, I think this is an issue on which all parents need to determine their boundaries. You might want to read our Loom document entitled Tapestry Literary Studies: The Big Picture (pdf), which might give you some clarity.

    And, of course, remember to look through the Teacher's Notes for helps in teaching a Christian worldview with these secular titles.

    Lastly, YOU and your HUSBAND are the gatekeepers of your home. Ultimately, the decision to assign books, watch movies, play games, etc. needs to be filtered through the lens that the Holy Spirit gives to you for your unique children and family situation.

    Hope this helps some!

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    You might want to check out an old blog post that Marcia wrote about this topic.


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