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Thread: Audio Bible Recommendation ?

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    An audio Bible has been on my personal wish list for quite some time.

    There are so many choices! Simple narration, dramatized, different readers ~Oh my!

    Does anyone have an audio version they have particularly enjoyed? Care to share why the version you selected has been a blessing to your or your family?

    (Although I happen to be a long time NASB student, I'm willing to look at other options for this aspect of our grammar level Tapestry years)

    Thank you in advance,

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    when I signed up for audible, I saw that you could download an ESV bible with one credit. I thought that was a good deal. I already had it on MP3 but I would have ordered it at that price (7.49). My offer was 7.49 for 3 months which equals 3 downloads (1 per month). I bet they even have other versions, too. I love the sound of Max Mcclean's (sp) voice, plus that's the version of the bible I usually read.

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    We purchased NKJV BIBLE CD narrated by Eric Martin from Library and Educational Services for $34.99 and LOVE it! Great help for some of the tricky names too. It came with a black zippered case that hold all the CD. HTH!


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    Thank you both for the replies.
    I will check them out.


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    I just found this website yesterday:

    On it you can decide whether to listen chronologically, straight through, or some old and new testament at the same time. It is narrated by Max McClean and it's FREE!!

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    Good catch!

    Thanks for posting this link.


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    Something my children and I have really enjoyed is a series called is "The World's Greatest Stories from the World's Greatest Book" by George W. Sarris. It is word for word scriptures "artfully portrayed through storytelling" (as it says on the cover ). We bought them when they were tapes (there are five I think), but they might be cd's by now; we got them from It isn't the whole Bible, but many of the great stories--my children have listened to them so much that they have memorized parts of the books of Daniel, Joshua and Kings without even knowing it! Hope that helps!

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